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Is It Your Time?

The chances are you are here because you no longer want to stay where you are with your drinking? But it’s so difficult to know what to do. I know I’ve been there. That’s where I can guide you and help you to discover the strength within you that will lead you forward.

Everyone who now lives in happy sobriety all started with a desire to change, a decision to make and their last ever day one.

Is There a Right Time?

There will always be something coming up that will make you think that now is not a good time to go on a sober journey. Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, Parties, Nights Out, they are all seemingly “in the way” of you getting started. The reality is that although we can’t see it at the time, it’s actually the alcohol that is in the way of us experiencing those things truly and authentically. With the right tools it’s much easier to go sober than you think. Every day you wake is the first day of the rest of your life, how are you going to live yours?

I Only Want To Cut Down

I had this conversation with myself for years before I stopped drinking completely. The truth was I didn’t really want to give up drinking completely. I loved the good times. I wanted the idyllic relationship with alcohol that so many people around me had. Have you cut down many times before but ended up back where you are now with your drinking? That was me too. The truth is the only way to get a different result is to do something different.

What Will People Think?

One of the biggest fears about quitting alcohol is that we believe that everyone else will think we have “a problem” or it will be just “too difficult”. I’ve lost count of the amount of people who have asked me probing questions when I have told them I no longer drink. It’s sad but true that alcohol is so socially acceptable in today’s modern world that living sober still raises eyebrows. Things are changing, slowly. In the meantime let me say this to you… Sober is most certainly the new cool.

What Can I Expect?

When to start (or stop as in this case!) is for you to decide. The six week accountability programme is the most successful plan I have to date and everyone who has been through it with me still doesn’t drink alcohol to this day!  It can be so daunting when we know we need a change but don’t know where to start. Start with small steps, take advantage of a free 30 minute one to one call with me and I can tell you all about it, then we can decide if it’s the right path for you too.

Will I Ever Be Ready?

There is no time like the present. Once you decide you want to change your drinking why not take a proper break and look at it as a long-term commitment otherwise you will just painfully abstain for a few weeks or months and possibly start drinking again.

Think of some of the things you would really love to be able to do as inspiration for changing your life. My dream was to go around the world and here I am in Sydney Harbour in Australia.

What Is Sober Coaching?

You will develop a clear goal

Together we will develop your own personal goals and what you are looking to achieve by living alcohol free

You have all the resources you need to achieve your goal

You will have access to me and to the resources to help you keep on track and be accountable

You will have a clear measurement of success

Each step of the way you will be able to see your progress which will help you to keep moving forward. Your sober clock will grow and that’s something to be celebrated. 

You will have me by your side

It’s important to have someone with you that really understands what it’s like to go sober in an alcohol soaked world. When you encounter difficulties I will guide you on how to put your best foot forward

You will get clear on your bigger life goals

When alcohol has been in the way for so long we can’t see how limiting it is. It’s therefore incredible when it’s gone as we start to see life through a different lens. I can help you to get clear on your life goals beyond alcohol.

Joanne has a complete natural energy that draws people in, it’s very inspiring.



Joanne proved to me (by the way she lives her life and how content and happy she is) that life is amazing without alcohol.

Joanne was always there for me, after all, she had been through this! This reassured me in every step of my sober journey.

Joanne understood my thoughts, fears and wobbles and helped me to focus on all the positives I would gain by giving up alcohol.

Testimonial – 6 Week Programme

 Elaine, Sober Since 29th July 2018

I found the Sober Angel 6-week course to be a realistic time frame for the programme, not too far into the future it was daunting, but long enough to get a solid period of sobriety in the bank and also importantly I was confident that support from Joanne would be ongoing and beyond the 6 weeks if I needed it.

Daily emails arriving early in the morning counting sober days were great. When I logged in my email first thing in the morning I got a burst of motivation and likewise a second email coming through in the afternoon, just at the right time of day when I needed it most helped to stay on track, the contents also gave me food for thought with optional tasks I could dip into or not.

I previously had support from Facebook groups and although I have found them helpful in the past, after a while they can become a little impersonal for me. What I found was unique from the Sober Angel was the weekly Skype calls with Joanne which gave me a “real” person to confide in and was a refreshing change from another name and pic on Facebook. To have actual conversations with someone who had faced similar issues as myself in the past was great. I was new to Skype and a bit nervous using it for the first time but soon got used to it.

Accountability really worked for me, there were times where I wanted to give up but the awkward morning after where I would have to admit to someone, who I felt was really rooting for me, gave me another reason to not give up, I didn’t want to let Joanne down.

I would recommend this programme to others, particularly if giving sobriety a go for the first time as Joanne has so much knowledge to pass on from being there herself. But whatever stage people are at one of the most important messages I gained from the 6 weeks is that sobriety doesn’t have to be a hardship or battle of willpower, this was a new approach for me which has worked this time as my previous attempts at sobriety were based on willpower alone and I don’t think it’s possible to sustain this for the long term.

Testimonial – 6 Week Programme

 Winnie, Sober Since 30th September 2019

I had been drinking regularly for over 20 years and had realised for a long time that I had a problem.  I tried to cut down my intake, then I read books, then I got apps, tried will-power and even hypnotherapy, but all without success. I became more and more tired, unreliable and my overall health worsened.  I realised that I was ruining my life & I became desperate to stop drinking once and for all.  

Through searching on the internet, I found Joanne @ The Sober Angel.  The moment I read her story and downloaded her FREE 10 Step Guide I knew she would be able to help me.  I needed someone to support me, someone who understood my situation and would be able to kind of take me by the hand and encourage me that all will be fine and that it was possible for me to do this.  Despite being in very bad shape and anxious I was not yet convinced I would stop for good.  But I knew I had to start somewhere, so I booked a call with Joanne.

I have now I completed the six weeks sober accountability programme with Joanne, and I am already nearly seven weeks sober.  My way of thinking about alcohol has totally shifted: I don’t like it & I don’t want it.  It astonishes me every day that I am just not bothered about it anymore.  Suddenly I have more time, I’ve saved up money, my body is recovering, and I realise that I can start doing things I was never be able to do when I was drinking.  I am in awe.

Without Joanne I would not have been able to reach that point of sober happiness.  I was open-minded when I started the program and followed it through.  Our weekly chats were essential to keep me on my toes, but it helped me also to talk about drinking, what it does, why I was so addicted to it and how I can overcome it. 

Joanne helped me to learn to combat situations that I might & will come across with alcohol e.g. when it is offered to me.  Joanne also taught me how to tackle cravings, when it hits me like a big wave.  Slowly each week I could feel my mind shifting and the longer I stayed sober, the easier it became. 

I cannot remember the last time I felt so free and reborn as I am now, and I am immensely grateful for that.

If I have one piece of advice for anyone who is in the same situation as I was, I would encourage you to start now to get rid of alcohol.  Life is very precious, and I lost a lot of it when I was drinking.

Is Sober Coaching is Right For Me?

If you feel stuck and don’t know how to make a start you’re in the right place.

If you have tried to stop before and not been able to carry on you’re in the right place.

If you want to change but don’t know how you’re in the right place.

A free initial call is all it takes to find the answers.


Your Questions Answered

How much does it cost to drink?
Let me tell you that drinking just a £5 bottle of wine each evening costs £1,825 a year and that’s only if you are a £5 a bottle kind of woman!

YES, that’s the money you would spend in just ONE year.

So just imagine that over the next 5 years £9,125!

10 years £18,250

15 years is £27,375

If you stopped drinking, you could be sitting on a little goldmine,

or a pile of wine!

If it’s making you feel bad to think how much money you have spent on alcohol in the last 10 years – don’t let it!

All I want you to do is think of a bright future where you no longer drink alcohol because you positively and decisively decided to quit and although you probably can’t visualise it right now, you will be very glad that you did.

No more hangovers

No more random texts

No more bad hangovers

and living a far more enriching life,

with loads more time on your hands

while pondering why you ever used to drink alcohol!?

How much does it cost to stop drinking?

…if you just wake up one day and quit

…but it’s not always that easy

that’s why so many people say they are going to cut down but never do

they say they will have a month off drinking but then go back to their old ways


to make this work we need to understand

that success happens when

✩ you have a clear goal
✩ you have the right resources
✩ you have a clear measurement of success
✩ you get clear feedback on progress
✩ you get clear on the consequences

So you choose a Sober Accountability Coach who has walked every step of the journey to alcohol freedom

One who doesn’t pine for wine and lives life wondering why she ever used to drink the stuff in the first place!

and not only that but inspires other women to sober success

by knowing the right things to say

to intelligent women

who want to get the most from living

mentally and physically free from alcohol

and to get us thinking of sober as the new way forward

Give it a go, those who quit alcohol surely are guaranteed to gain?

Why The Sober Angel?

As The Sober Angel, I passionately hold the role of a Sober Accountability Coach. I do this with a true understanding of drinking from personal perspective and experience. In other words, “I was a busy career woman and I was a social but enthusiastic drinker.”

For some years I simply didn’t think I could live without alcohol.

Since I stopped completely almost 6 years ago, both my physical and mental wellbeing has improved immeasurably. I’ve quit a job, travelled the world, re-trained as a coach, set up a business all with a clear mind of what I now want from life.

I now want to inspire and empower other women to do the same by supporting and coaching them into alcohol-free living.

We all know of people who have managed to stop smoking or lose weight ‘just like that’ without any support or accountability, they just did it and never looked back! For others (I guess the majority of us) we need inspiration, accountability and support as well as a tried and tested programme that takes us from a drinker to a proud non-drinker.

That’s what I can support you with as your Sober Angel

What will it involve?
We start with an individual online call i.e. a One to One video call with just you and me (Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or whatever suits you) in which we can discuss the plan in more detail tailored of course to your needs.

You have nothing to lose in booking your first session because before committing to anything we start with a 30 minute FREE OF CHARGE call in which we can talk your thoughts through.

100% confidentiality

It can be so daunting when we know we need a change but don’t know where to start! You might be unsure if you are drinking too much? unsure if you are willing to stop drinking completely? unsure who is the best person to ask?

It’s likely that you don’t see yourself as needing any help at all.

I have learned that ‘doing nothing and thinking everything is ok = carrying on drinking’! So, let’s get started and by the end of the first call you should be inspired and motivated to change your drinking.

When to start (or stop as in this case!) is for you to then decide. One thing is for sure is that I can guide you and keep you accountable along the way.

How long will it take?
Changing your relationship with alcohol can, for some, be effortless like switching off a switch and then for others an ongoing daily effort.

Everyone is individual so book the number of sessions that you feel will suit you. The more sessions the more sober topics we cover so it all serves to bolster your sobriety.

I recommend that once you decide you want to change your drinking you take a proper break and you look at it as a long-term commitment otherwise you will just painfully abstain for a few weeks or months and possibly start drinking again.

I personally started to feel much better mentally and physically once I reached 12-14 weeks.

Remember it’s your life, you can go back to your drinking whenever you want. It’s just that with The Sober Angel method it’s unlikely you will want to!

Why not just start with the first FREE call and decide after that?

How I Can Help You

Along my own journey, I realised that I was in fact not alone in sobriety and that were are lots of other women out there who had also chosen to not drink with the goal of becoming a better version of themselves. I wanted to be part of this tribe.

So, having made my way through the twists and turns in the road becoming aware of the potholes and arriving at a wonderful place where I have mastered alcohol-free living, I knew I needed to help other women in the same situation.

Why should others go it alone when I have a trodden the path and can light the way? I passionately hold the role of a Sober Accountability Coach. I do this with a true understanding of drinking from personal experience & perspective. My goal is to help women live and love life alcohol-free.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1 Call

Too many unanswered questions? Not sure what to expect? You are not alone on this and be assured that I was exactly where you are right now. Schedule a free 30-minute call with me and we can discuss how I could help you.

Get Started

During the 6-week programme I guide you through those early days of sobriety and empower you to succeed. There are lots of tips, tools and tricks along the way to bolster your success.

One thing is for sure is that I believe that you can do this without willpower. You just need a shift in your mindset and I’m here to help you do just that.

Reach Your Goals

Reaching the end of the 6 weeks programme and starting to experience living life alcohol free is just the beginning. When we remove alcohol, life opens up new possibilities. Through ongoing Coaching I can help you to achieve your life goals beyond alcohol.


6 Week Sober Accountability Course

Next course starts September 2020 – registration NOW OPEN

(May 2020 – in progress)

After our free of charge 30-minute initial call….

Choose from:


1 hour “Getting Started” coaching session

42 days of daily motivation emails and lessons direct to your inbox to keep you on track.

2020 OFFER – £149 for the programme (value £194).



1 hour “Getting Started” coaching session

42 days of daily motivation emails and lessons to keep you on track.

6 hours of 1-2-1 coaching calls with me full of tips, tricks and support to guide you throughout and to keep you on track.

2020 OFFER – £399 for the programme (value £464).

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