5 Simple Ways to Take Guilt-Free Time Out for YOUR Own Wellbeing

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We seem to spend our lives serving others. If it’s not works demands, it’s family commitments or the constant stream of life’s tasks that seem to hang around us in a perpetual “to-do” list.

When it comes to looking after ourselves, we are often at the bottom of that list. “I don’t have time” is often what we hear ourselves say. Also, it can feel as though we are being selfish by placing our own needs above others. The reality is if we look after our own wellness first, we are in a much better place to be there for others.

Here’s some simple ways of looking after YOU.

We all know that we should look after ourselves. We often hear the phrases exercise more, eat well, have a little bit of what you fancy, take good care etc and we nod obligingly knowing that it’s the sensible thing to do.

When we are feeling unwell, we sometimes see the doctor, take medication, take time off work or simply have a duvet day but do we ever stop to think how we may have contributed to how we got to be feeling this way.

Very often feeling unwell is a culmination of days or weeks of neglecting your own wellbeing.

5 Simple Ways to Take Guilt-Free Time Out for YOUR own Wellbeing: –


1. Remind yourself that this is YOUR life and you have a choice how you live it.


We are here only once and when you think how short that is compared to how many years happened before we were born and how many will continue long after we have gone, we must make our years on this earth count.

Do you LOVE your job, get joy from your relationship, live a life you LOVE? In fact, is your life pretty awesome in general?


Is it ticking all the right boxes for now and you are hoping, thinking and wishing that “one day” things will change?

So many of us do a job because we don’t feel we can change it.

  • “I don’t know anything else”
  • “I need the money”
  • ”It’s too late to change now”

So many of us stay in a relationship beyond the point of repair.

  • “We’ve been together for years”
  • “We’ve got kids together”
  • “I don’t want to divide my family”

So many of us daydream about living a better life somewhere in the future.

  • “Things will be great once the kids have grown up”
  • “Life will be so much better once I lose weight”
  • “Once I’ve retired, I will do all the things I love doing”

The reality is that your life is ticking away NOW. So, ask yourself what do I REALLY want? then what do I need to do to take me one step closer to it?

Remember this is YOUR life and not someone else’s. Once you start to set out your wishes & intentions the people that really matter most will walk the path with you.

2. Mind your language & take notice of the language of those around you.


In these last few years I have become acutely conscious of what I call ‘Negative Nellies’ and how they impact on MY wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what you say or do around these people they will always give you the negative view on any subject.

  • “It’s hard to get a job”
  • “I never have any good luck”
  • “Bad things always seem to happen to me”
  • “You won’t be able to do that”

This list goes on and I’m getting anxiety just thinking about the ‘Negative Nellies’ I have encountered in the past and what they say! I don’t even think they know that most of the vocabulary that comes out of their mouth contains won’t, don’t, can’t, wouldn’t & shouldn’t.

But the sad reality is that if you keep hanging around these people, soon you start sounding the same. In recent years I have walked away from such people and when I encounter such now, I make a sharp exit. Not before I say things like “How could you turn that into a positive?” or “What might you want to do about that?”, then I go find my positive friends who keep my mood and my wellbeing on top form.

There is a saying that we become the product of the 5 people we hang around so review who you are hanging around with and for the sake of your wellbeing make the necessary changes.

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3. Make time for yourself – YOU are important


When it comes to doing things to suit ourselves, we often cite “have no time” as a reason. Well let me point out this.

Time is the one thing that is absolutely guaranteed every day. It reoccurs. We know that we have 24 hours tomorrow, and the next day, and the next so what we really mean when we say, “I have no time” is really, “that’s not my priority”. There are other things that you have chosen to put into YOUR 24 hours that trump what it is that you believe you have no time for.

How much time do you really need? It takes 3 minutes to meditate or practice mindfulness. It takes 15 minutes to lock the bathroom door and soak in the bath. It takes 30 minutes to take a whole mile walk in the cool fresh air or summer sun.

Finally remember that NO is a complete sentence. If you really don’t want to do something that you have always done & it’s no longer serving you or contributing to your wellness, then you don’t need to do it and you don’t need to explain yourself.
If you are thinking “well that’s impossible” then please re-read point 1!

So, it’s important to remember that you can choose to spend time on yourself and do so without leaving others out. It just depends if it’s your priority.

4. Look after your body, you only get one!


The human body is amazing. Just think of a new born baby. An unbelievable creation. But every day we get older. That’s a fact. So, it’s important that we look after every part of our body to be sure it provides us with a happy & fulfilling life.

The problem we face is that the advice about caring for our body is conflicting and often confusing, hence it’s sometimes hard to know what’s best.

  • Should we stretch, lift weight, do cardio or a bit of everything?
  • Should we stay out of the sun or get sunlight to lift our mood?
  • Should we stay youthful with aesthetic procedures & beauty products or just grow old gracefully?

Many people abandon any effort to take care of themselves because it’s just too difficult to know what’s the right thing!

The common-sense approach is to give every part of your body your attention & consideration. What could you do for your body this week and every week thereafter that your 85-year-old self would thank you for?

Whatever you decide it is better than doing nothing.


5. Eat & drink what nourishes your body – ‘you gotta nourish to flourish’.


We are what we eat.

This is so true but sadly it didn’t sink in for me at the time that it was a much-used phrase. When I first heard this I was eating a high fat & high sugar diet & certainly not drinking enough water (but plenty of wine). It’s only now that I fully realise how linked our foods are to how we feel about ourselves. When I first quit drinking I craved sugar and that’s something I still need to watch out for. I now recognise that the times I do succumb to foods with a high sugar content frankly I feel like rubbish.

So, it’s not just the extra weight we carry when we eat the foods that our bodies just don’t need, but also the consequences these foods can have on our sleep, our attention span and our general feeling throughout our every day.

Think about the foods you put in your body in the same way as you would thinking about putting the right fuel & oil in your car. Get it right and you will have many trouble-free miles ahead of you.

Yes, of course, sometimes an emotional response will win, and you won’t do the right thing but, with practice, you will get better at making sure that you take care of what foods & drinks you are running on.

I now look back to my drinking years and I just can’t imagine putting my mind and body through that now. Not ever.

Giving the wine the heave-ho was and still is the best decision I ever made.

Remember, YOU are important.

A Reminder to Put Yourself First.


Looking after YOUR wellbeing first isn’t selfish.

Looking after YOUR wellbeing is putting your own oxygen mask on first.

Do this, and you will be able to serve yourself and those around you much better as you will be strong, know your direction, be confident in your ability and ultimately be much happier… & that most definitely benefits you and everyone around you.

Are you looking after your own wellness? Well you now know what you have to do.

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