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Terms of Service

Any material produced by The Sober Angel online or otherwise is for information only and is to support any endeavours to change relationships with alcohol. All material is made available as self-help tools for your own use. You acknowledge that at The Sober Angel we are not trained to provide psychotherapy or medical care and that we are acting in the capacity of a sober accountability mentor & coach only. The intent of the author is to convey personal experience in the hope that it may help others in personal quests in reducing alcohol consumption. Our role is to support you in reaching your goals however any success is dependent on individual efforts, therefore any results implied are not guaranteed.

If you use any of the information as a form of self-therapy, The Sober Angel and its author assume no liability for your actions.

If you have concerns about your consumption of alcohol or wish to speak to someone who specialises in alcohol addiction, please discuss with your GP in the first instance who can guide you to the appropriate support.

Please be advised that for some people, there is no substitute for professional support from a trained physician.