Sober is the New Cool and Here’s Why

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-Recent research found that “shunning alcohol has become mainstream among young people as a third are now teetotal” based on a 2018 study of 10,000 16-24 year olds. It seems that the “younger generation” are steering clear of nights out getting inebriated for healthy living, hangover-free lunches and looking after their mental well-being instead. At last, it’s the minority of this age group who are seeing getting drunk as cool. The majority describe it as “pathetic”, “embarrassing” and “belonging to an older generation”.


Sober is the New Cool


Who is “The Older Generation”?  


I guess from a 16-24 year old point of view that would include me?… at the ripe old age of 48 I’m certainly no spring chicken.

Nor are all the other 40 something-year-olds around me who are all old enough to be their parents.




The reality is the attitude about alcohol amongst those “of our age” shows little signs of changing anytime soon.

“you won’t enjoy the night because you don’t drink”

“can you go in a pub?”

“oh, come on what’s wrong with you?”

“isn’t it boring not drinking”

“not even a drink with your meal?”

“wow that’s interesting, can I ask you why you don’t drink”

I used to get narky with all these comments and I’d desperately try to defend my brave, bold, “swim upstream” decision to quit drinking.

5 years & 10 months on I just let it flow over me.

The truth is when you drink alcohol you see it as the normal thing to do. This includes those who have an occasional tipple as well as those “responsible adults” who drink at home most nights often in front of their children.


Could Sobriety Become the New Normal?


I could never in a month of Sundays sell someone the idea of sobriety being a great thing to do. It would be like talking to the wall. The same wall I had around me for some years when it came to the subject of my drinking.

The reality is we just can’t appreciate sobriety until we have given it a go. A good go.

It would be like describing the best holiday experience you have ever had while the person on the receiving end of your awe-inspiring story is glazing over. They have never been there, so they just don’t feel the same about it.

We must be there and experience it for ourselves.

So, when your moment comes, and you wake up and say to yourself “I’ve had enough of this drinking” it’s time to seize that very moment.

Instead of pushing the thought away, this time boldly decide to get on the sober train and give it a go. Not just a short journey but a commitment to give it all you have got.

Try sober.

Book the ticket.

Board the sober train.

Experience it for yourself.

No-one can tell us how good it will be. No-one can tell us we must never get off. But stay on there long enough and you will soon be able to make up your own mind.

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Here are 6 Good Reasons Why I know that Sober is the New Cool


1. I Never Have a Hangover

I don’t have gingerly open my bed eyes to stop the light burning through. I don’t lose two days out of life to recover. I don’t wake up feeling sick and craving hangover food. Remember you will never wake up regretting being sober the night before.


2. My Finances Have Never Looked Better

Gone are the days when I would take £60-£70 quid out and come back with a fiver …. in coins. I no longer spend £50 quid by just popping into the supermarket to “pick up a few bits”. I never have to seek out the best all-inclusive holiday deal that has the perfect drinks package. I earn money and spend it on life enriching things. Period.


3. I Can See Everything Clearly

And I don’t mean that literally, I was never a black out kind of drinker. When you remove alcohol you notice conversations, people, situations with a whole new beautiful clarity. You can see clearly when a situation that you find yourself in is not serving you well. I know where the proverbial fire exit is, and I know when to use it.


4. No More Pollution Going into My Body 

We are not getting any younger. If you imagined for one minute allowing a child to drink alcohol you would mark the behaviour as abhorrent. Does your body cope any better with it when you hit 18? Of course not… it’s just legalised. The human body is amazing, it can manifest its own complications without toxic intervention so let it live at its purest self.


5. I Can Do Anything

This has a literal meaning as well as a deeper connotation. I no longer must wait for taxis; I can go where I want at whatever time I want. I can leave the party early or stay late knowing I can drive home when I’m done. It goes deeper that that though and here it is. If I can quit drinking alcohol, I can do anything I put my mind to. The mere act of kicking to the kerb an addictive substance that is so frustratingly normalised in society makes me a superhero.


6. Respect Comes with Sobriety

People like to hear a story. Especially a story of success. For some it’s just interesting, for others it gives them hope for what they are going through. I’ve lost count of the people who have shared with me how I have inspired them in some way to start their own sober journey.

Not only that though, I’ve noticed that people come to me more often for advice on anything and everything, they value my opinion, they trust me. But most importantly I now trust myself.

Sober is the new cool – trust me.



If you are intrigued by the thought of living sober, you can achieve it easier than you think.

Are you are looking for an alternative to living in the alcohol mindset and instead live in happy sobriety mindset? I can show you how.

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