Six Years Sober : 6 Lessons I Have Learned

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On 17th November 2019 I woke up having not drank alcohol for 6 whole years. Unbelievable. I remember the day I quit very well. Having declared I was never going to drink alcohol ever again I was left wondering if I could even get to the end of the week sober.

There is still so much stigma around living alcohol free. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked “did you have a problem?”. I still don’t know the answer.

What I do know is that back in 2013, most evenings I felt compelled to drink wine to take the edge off a stressful day. “Isn’t that what most people do?” I hear people often retort. Well maybe it is, but doesn’t that just mean that most people have a problem?

It gets peoples backs up if I suggest such a thing. It would have mine back when I was knocking back the Pinot. Having now escaped the trap I look back on my old self and those well-meaning folk who still are stuck in the evening wine ritual with pity.

If only they could see what I see, feel what I feel and live a life where alcohol no longer holds any meaning to me.

My one and only interest in alcohol these days is my desire to help others get free from it.

Here I am having learned so much about me and my life I’d never want to go back.

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6 Lessons Learned from Living Sober



1. Most people can’t stop drinking


They have no idea how to socialise without it.

They are convinced it enhances the moment.

They tell you that they are not addicted and could stop … just like that.

Those who wish to live sober must have their own awakening on their own terms before finally being able to kick it to the kerb.


2. Drinking doesn’t make you look pretty


It makes us look trashy not classy especially after the third glass.

It dries out our skin and make us look puffy, pinky and prune like.

It makes youngsters cringe to even look at us.

We slur our words, we repeat our stories and anyone sober sees a drinker start to deteriorate after the first glass.


3. Drinking stops you from living your best life


We spend our days either drinking it, buying it or recovering from it.

It drives the anxiety we are trying to quell.

It demolishes our self-esteem.

It reduces our circle of true friends.

It takes away our self-respect.


4. You find out who your real friends are


When your common ground with a drinker has gone, what’s left to talk about?

A true friend will find you fascinating with or without a bottle to share.

If your mate drinks soda and lime with you in those early days, they are a keeper. #Zina

When they go silent, they are speaking volumes about their own drinking.

Friendships come and go but true ones are with you for the duration.


5. Alcohol erodes your self-worth, your money and your time


The high from drinking is temporary and superficial. The low from drinking is real.

No-one has ever had a free drunken night-out, there is always a cost to drinking.

£6 an evening is £2190 per year.

We spend more time in the supermarket alcohol aisle than at the checkout.


6. Sobriety has nothing to do with willpower


Willpower is very fragile and often fails.

To resist something is to support your mind that you need it… you don’t.

Creating a desire to live sober comes before doing it.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. If I can do it you can too.


Would you like to escape the Alcohol Trap?


I have met so many lovely people who are inspired by my story and decide to give sobriety a go. Perhaps I made it look easy all those years ago?

But the ones who are still sober to this day and LOVING it are those who did it the right way.

The truth is you must INVEST in yourself to get sober.

Get an accountability partner. #thesoberangel



Read some more.

And stay connected to the sober world.

I read over 30 books on sobriety back to back in my first 6 months of living alcohol-free. All designed to shift my mind from abstinence to sober positive. I’d be happy to share all of my recommendations with you.

Download my Recommended Reading list here

Do you want to go from drinker to happily sober in 6 weeks?

If you have ever asked yourself “am I drinking too much?” then the answer is likely to be YES!

Start today by downloading my 10-Step Guide to Living Alcohol-Free which will give you the confidence to start your journey to alcohol freedom. 


Do You Want to Feel Fabulous Without Alcohol?

The Sober Angel inspires and supports to women who want to love and live life alcohol-free. Coach Joanne Walters is herself empowered by living an alcohol-free life and her why is supporting women to be happy in a life without the reliance of alcohol.

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