Why I Never Wanted to Quit Drinking Alcohol

by May 21, 2019alcohol freedom

I never wanted to quit drinking because I believed that being sober was a punishment.

An intolerable situation inflicted on those who could not control their drink.

Could there have be anyone out there who was sober and actually enjoying it?


My thinking has changed.

Ask yourself…

“What if I could quit drinking and feel fabulous about it?”

Would you do it?

Have you questioned your drinking but simply can’t face the thought of quitting completely because you hold the same beliefs that I did back then?

Or do you “enjoy it too much?”

This was exactly how I felt when I first embarked on my sober journey in 2013. I set off on what I believed was going to be a very long & very lonely road. The reality was back then that I didn’t really want to quit drinking. I felt I had to. I had tried cutting down so many times and failed, the radical decision to quit drinking was a forced and final option.


Not too happy.

The reality was I’d had 10+ years of setting alcohol rules

“Only drink at weekends”
“Only have two drinks then stop”
“Only drink after 6p.m.”
…. The list went on….

Now before you think “I never will want to quit drinking alcohol…what am I doing here?” Please read on.
There are people all over the world including me who once felt the same. However, having experienced sobriety, they would not change it for the world. I now would not drink alcohol again even if you offered me a billion pounds (the number is rising!). Seriously. Back in 2013, I didn’t think I could ever say that and really mean it.

I did not TRULY feel I would ever enjoy sobriety.

I looked upon the words of the likes of MrsD with scepticism. How could Lotta enjoy sipping soda out of a tumbler while the whole world was chinking champagne glasses and letting the bubble flow dreamily?

She was sober, and she loved it. I wanted some of that! So, I held onto that belief that I WOULD feel the same one day. <Gratitude MrsD>
I just knew I had to stay sober long enough to really feel it.

It took a year.

It seemed like a lifetime.

But every day I notched up the sober days, I sensed an overwhelming sense of achievement.

So I just kept going. No matter what.

But now I know it was a wise investment.

From that moment on I have been able to state a true fact.

I not only LOVE my life without alcohol.

I have grown as a person.

I trust myself.

I have ‘changed my scenery’ by doing the things I love. I’ve travelled. I’ve quit a well paid job. I’ve started a new career path. I’ve experienced new life adventures. There is NO WAY I would have been able to do these things when I was knocking back wine every night.

All because I walked away from alcohol. The “bad friend” I truly thought I needed. I was stuck and just couldn’t see it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this because I know many others feel the same. Is any of this touching a bruise for you?

Have you questioned your drinking but simply can’t face the thought of quitting completely because you “enjoy it too much?”

The only way you will ever know if sobriety is such a happy place is to LIVE IT. I don’t mean dip your toe in the water with a month or three as it’s just not long enough. But to give it a good run so that you start to see, feel & hear the benefits of living without it.

Like I say it took a year for me.

Could you do this?

I believe anyone can achieve most things if they put their mind to it.

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Just don’t drink alcohol no matter what the occasion.

Find the Sober World you may not know exists.

Let me tell you there are millions of people all over the world who have quit drinking in similar circumstances to you & me. As the famous quote says “we become who we hang around with”. Not those irritating folks who can ‘take or leave a drink’ therefore quitting is no great BOOM for them…and not those ones who couldn’t possibly live without alcohol, so they question your crazy decision to push the pause button on it.

 My advice… keep experiencing sober ‘NO MATTER WHAT’.

Keep that sober clock ticking and watch it grow.

No-one is expecting to publicly declare your take on drinking, or to even to tell anyone you are giving it a wide berth for a while.

However, the more you mix with those who “get it” and understand what you are experiencing right now AND are ahead of you on their sober clock, will always be the ones who can keep you looking forward.

There are thousands more who could bolster your success even if you just read their social media posts, read their books and look at their success into sobriety. It all rubs off on us.

What about Facebook Twitter or Instagram? What users or hashtags could you search & follow? #soberclock #soberliving #lovesober #rocksober. The # list is endless!

If we stay stuck in our “own world” we become exactly the person we always were but without the alcohol. When we widen our vision, we open new sober inspiration that keeps us moving ahead.  I will repeat this “we become who we hang around with”

Ultimately do what’s right for you, but ask yourself…

Who do you want to be?

Are you looking to change your thinking or your drinking and don’t know where to start?

Ask me how, it’s easier than you think…

“You can & you will if your mind believes it”

Get in touch with me today.

The Sober Angel inspires and supports to women who want to love and live life alcohol-free. Coach Joanne Walters is herself empowered by living an alcohol-free life and her why is supporting women to be happy in a life without the reliance of alcohol.

Joanne Walters


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