Living Alcohol-Free Starts With a Shift in Your Thinking

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There are so many people out there who rarely go a week (or even a day) without drinking alcohol. It’s become the ‘norm’ to them and the drinking culture around us supports that perceived normality.

The thing is, drinking can be tiresome, miserable, costly and “in the way” of many of our ambitions, so why oh why do we keep on doing it?!

We believe quitting is too difficult.
We believe that life wouldn’t be fun without it.
We believe living sober is in some way a confession of having had “a problem”.

So, what if I said that quitting drinking was easy? as easy as flicking a switch in your mind? One decision, one action, to unlock the door to sober freedom. Would you do it?


Shifting my thinking was the key that simply opened a door to my sober world I now live in and I often wonder why I didn’t go through that door some 10 years before.

I’m now exempt from hangovers.
I have no regrets.
The time & money I’ve saved is off the scale.

Back then, I chose instead to be trapped in a never-ending drinking loop.
Then one day I decided to shift my thinking. It was a decision that changed my life.


It’s All in the Mind


Our mind is complex.

My first epiphany was back in 2012 when I stumbled across a workshop called “Mind Management”. I say stumbled but maybe the workshop found its way to me. I do believe that things happen at the right time and for good reason and looking back it presented itself to me right when I needed it.

The workshop write-up by the provider & qualified Counsellor Shelia McMahon said ….


“…she realized that the only thing stopping her from achieving her goals was her own negative thoughts”


Feeling stuck in life with a wine glass up to my face most evenings the prospect of meeting Sheila gave me the light at the end of what at the time was a very dark rabbit hole!

Well, in a nutshell, it was a great day and pivotal in me thinking differently about me and just how much my limiting thoughts were holding me back.

Putting it simply I was getting in my own way.

Since then I have worked hugely on what I now know to be my “limiting beliefs”. They still linger today and can rear their ugly head when I least expect them, surfacing like a monster from the deep however I’m now far more equipped and able to catch myself out when I am saying things like…

I can’t
I won’t
I shouldn’t
I wouldn’t

And I’m now able to pause & breathe for a moment and ask myself ‘How do I know this is true’ & ‘Does my belief match the facts?’

This simple ability to notice when our mind could be dictating our actions is the key to our vocabulary transitioning into …

I can

I will

So, what if I said that quitting drinking was easy? as easy as flicking a switch in your mind? One decision, one action, to unlock the door to sober freedom. Would you do it? Click To Tweet



What I Know Now

Looking back on 2012 into 2013 I recoil at just how much alcohol was playing a nightly role of calming my mind. I was totally riddled with anxiety and was foolishly believing that it was the stresses from life around me that was causing it. Alcohol causes anxiety – that’s a fact.

I now know all this and that everything we think, feel and do comes from within our own mind.

Even those external factors like doing a job we don’t enjoy or hanging around people who don’t bring us joy are easy to change when we take a good look at the thoughts within our own mind.

The 16th November 2013 will always and forever be an unforgettable date in my diary. I woke up knowing that if I wanted to live my life free of alcohol-free and ENJOY it that way, I had to shift my thinking.

I can quit drinking happily

I will quit drinking happily

I can’t say every one of those early days of sobriety was easy, but I knew that if I kept going ‘no matter what’ and continued to BELIEVE that living happily alcohol-free was possible, my actions would follow.

I no longer count the days of sobriety. My phone app does that silently in the background and at last check, I see it has been 5 years: 124 days: 7 hours: 28 minutes: 58 seconds.

My mantra now is “if you don’t like something, change it”

Sheila McMahon you were so right “the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals was my own negative thoughts” & I truly thank you for that realisation.


Would you Like to Change Your Thinking?


Are you looking to change your thinking or your drinking and don’t know where to start? Ask me how

My coaching programmes at The Sober Angel are designed to shift your thinking.

You can & you will if your mind believes it.

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The Sober Angel inspires and supports to women who want to love and live life alcohol-free. Coach Joanne Walters is herself empowered by living an alcohol-free life and her why is supporting women to be happy in a life without the reliance of alcohol.

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