Is Drinking Alcohol Making You Healthy?

by Dec 20, 2018sober living

You are not an alcoholic I know…. I know, but is drinking alcohol making you healthy?


Our health & wellbeing is important, so are we really doing enough to look after ourselves?

Drinking Alcohol has been an integral part of society for centuries. Across the UK and the world people of all ages, gender and religion consume it in varying proportions. Put simply a major reason for consuming it is to change our mood, however do we ever stop to think how it changes our health?


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I passed my 5-year anniversary of quitting alcohol in November. I use the word passed because the truth is, I’d forgotten all about it until my lovely friend Rachael posted a “Birthday Card” through my door. It was on the doormat when I came home from work and I stared at it wondering what I had done to deserve a pink envelope at this time of year. It wasn’t Christmas, it wasn’t my birthday.

Had I forgotten something important? – I had. Five years prior I had made the decision to stop drinking alcohol completely, no prior plan, no fanfare, no rock bottom. The reality was that for some years, I had started to come to the realisation that alcohol was no longer bringing me joy.

It was, in fact, making me unhealthy, overweight and fighting overwhelming anxiety.


Alcohol had stopped becoming the occasional lubrication for a night out and had instead become a nightly ritual. It was no longer fun. I knew it was time for change.

I know that there are so many people out there who are drinking alcohol and the fun it once was is no longer there. Just like I was 5 years ago.

If I were to ask the question “are you drinking too much” would you say no? If I were to ask “are you an alcoholic” would you say absolutely not (gasp, how dare I suggest such a thing)…. however, if I asked you “is drinking making you healthy?” would the answer be more comfortable to say, no?

How could a substance that alters your body and mind make you healthy? It doesn’t make sense does it?

We need to change the question, because the frequent questions around alcohol are falling on deaf ears.


Our health & wellbeing is very important

Sadly, it takes many of us to have a health query before we seriously start to look after it.

I want to bring that query to you right now, “is alcohol making you healthy?”

While the effect alcohol has on our body is visible the effect it has on our mind is far sneakier.

‘Mental health’ and ‘mental illness’ are increasingly being used as if they mean the same thing, but they do not.


There is so much talk lately about mental health and the shift with phrases like “It’s ok not to be ok” is opening a gateway for people to be able to share how they are feeling without shame. Great News! What once was a hidden subject is fast becoming good to talk about.

I reckon most of us just motor on through life taking each day as it comes and up probably believe that those around us have life sorted. This movement to talk about our wellbeing has opened avenues for us to be more liberal in our conversations. Remember, everyone has mental health, each one of us.


If I could change one attitude it would be this…

You don’t have to be an alcoholic or have ‘a problem’ to want to remove alcohol from your life. Living alcohol-free is the best and most rewarding decision I have ever made and although I no longer count the days, I’m still proud of what I have achieved.


Thanks Rachael, for the timely reminder.


One more thing I’d like to share this with you.

To this day I still get asked “were you an alcoholic” or “did you have a problem?” (in a quiet hushed voice) or “you weren’t an alcoholic, were you?”

I never have and never will subscribe to the word alcoholic – it’s unhelpful and keeps people stuck.

The chances are that alcohol isn’t making you healthy, but it’s there, an integral part of life as we know it. Changing the question is all it needs to get the right answer.


Is alcohol making you healthy?


Are you are looking for an alternative & would you love to live happily alcohol-free?

  • I no longer count the days
  • I no longer celebrate my Soberversary
  • I’m living my life happily without alcohol
  • I spend my money on more life-enriching things
  • You could offer me a million pounds to drink one alcoholic drink and I’d say no
  • My mental & physical health is better than it’s ever been
  • Living without alcohol IS making me healthy

Is drinking making you healthy?


You can too, I can show you how.

My 6-week sober programme takes you from drinker to non-drinker:

✔ No gimmicks
✔ No empty promises
✔ No labels
✔ Just a helping hand to a happy & healthy life


What will 2019 bring? Are you in?

“The most important message I gained from the 6 weeks is that sobriety doesn’t have to be a hardship or battle of willpower, this was a new approach for me which has worked this time as my previous attempts at sobriety were based on willpower alone and I don’t think it’s possible to sustain this for the long term.”

Member of the 6-week Sober Coaching Programme

The programme starts in February 2019 (after the January ‘abstinence’!)

Details on here to follow, I hope to see you there…


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Sent with sober happiness


The Sober Angel

The Sober Angel inspires and supports to women who want to love and live life alcohol-free. Coach Joanne Walters is herself empowered by living an alcohol-free life and her why is supporting women to be happy in a life without the reliance of alcohol.

Joanne Walters


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