How Much is Too Much?

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Have you been thinking about your drinking? Maybe you have found yourself asking Google “Do I drink too much?”

I loved drinking… and therefore I did think about it a lot. I never wanted to contemplate stopping it though, why would I have wanted to do that?

Every time I had “overdone it again” I was left wondering “am I drinking too much?”

Alcohol is so normalized around us and even the Government set safe limits! It is subliminally taught to us from a young age that drinking is good and a grown-up thing to do. That milestone of reaching 18 when it’s legal to drink and then stride into a bar because you can… oooh so liberating! These all serve to compound that drinking is all part of coming of age, growing up and being a respectable & responsible adult.

When I started to feel uncomfortable about my own regularity of drinking I searched my brain (and Google) over & over for the perfect answer to “Am I drinking too much?” Each time I was left feeling even more confused. Of course, I always wanted it to say “No, I’m not!” so I read selectively.

There are articles that tell you drinking is good for your heart, that drinking is good for you if you set safe limits, and that it’s ok to just cut down… I was left thinking each time “well I’m not that bad” ….. so, I then carried on drinking.

I should have known that by merely asking myself this question, the answer might be a YES! ……what about you?

It’s crazy when you think about it, … “safe limits” & “cut down” …. it doesn’t help! Alcohol is a brain-bending mind & body adjusting substance. Imagine if there were safe limits set for illegal drugs or cigarettes!

Ask the right questions and you get the right answer. I wish back then someone would have asked me the “right” questions to get the right answer, …. the answers mostly YES could have put me out of my misery and told me straight, “Joanne… you really should do something about your drinking!”

So here we have it, a questionnaire to get you thinking, …getting you to see alcohol and where it sits in your life, from a new perspective.

Before you begin, here are a few wise words.

No-one is looking at these answers other than YOU so be 100% HONEST to yourself. Whatever the result is at the end, this task is designed to get YOU thinking. It is NOT a diagnosis, label or a category for your drinking nor is it a judgement. It’s my way of empowering you to look at your relationship with alcohol from another perspective.

The answer you give is a simple YES or NO. Try not to debate the answer or think of 5 different scenarios to get different answers. Go with your first gut answer.

Be assured that you are in the right place, just by the fact you are reading this, something is likely to be niggling you about your drinking. Your drinking isn’t going to have changed in the 2 minutes it will take you to complete this questionnaire, but your thoughts about it may do so. ♥ We are not able to re-write the past, but we CAN re-write the future ♥

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The Sober Angel

Welcome to my Quiz " How Much Is Too Much?" 

The best way to answer this quiz is honestly. The results are for your eyes only.

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[ Limits ]
Do you set yourself a limit before you start drinking......? "I'm only having one/two... (edit as appropriate) but end up wanting or having more?
[ Limits ]
Have you tried to either stop drinking, moderate or cut down but soon gone back drinking more than you wanted to?
[ Limits ]
Have you ever cut down on alcohol you buy or have in the house so that you set your limit before you start drinking? E.g. have you purchased small 175ml wine bottles of wine or miniatures or started to drink lower alcohol wines as an attempt to limit intake or get less drunk?
[ Limits ]
Have you quit drinking for a week, month or more and when you did it you felt you had proved to yourself you have control of alcohol, only to go back to drinking regularly again after a short time?
[ Limits ]
Have you ever drank during the day and found yourself justifying (to yourself) why it's ok? “well I am on holiday”, “it’s after midday”, “it’s wine o clock” or “it’s my birthday”
[ Relations ]
Have you ever said anything you regret while under the influence, sent regretful texts or had regretful social media moments?
[ Relations ]
Have you ever felt edgy if someone visits unexpectedly, as they are either interrupting you starting drinking or worried there won’t be enough alcohol to now go around? Or wished your visitors would leave so you can have a "proper drink"?
[ Relations ]
Have you ever felt guilty or remorseful after drinking for either what you did (this needs no explanation here) or even for what you didn’t do? You declined “kids wanting to go to the park” or “dog looking at you with his walkie face” or “partner or husband wanting you to go out together”?
[ Relations ]
Have you ever been out and had what you would describe as a respectable & relaxed drink with friends …...but then looked forward to getting home so you can drink more & “at your own pace”?
[ Relations ]
Have you ever let down family or friends because of your desire to drink?
[ Relations ]
Have you ever cancelled a night out in favour of sitting at home drinking?
[ Shame ]
Do you tell yourself in the morning "I'm not drinking tonight" but then by 6pm are looking forward to finishing work and getting back home so you can have a drink?"
[ Shame ]
Have you ever woken up feeling hungover and wondered if you might be over the drink driving limit?
[ Shame ]
Have you ever had moments of "I can't remember what happened last night" or find yourself trying to recall conversations or TV from the night before?
[ Shame ]
Have you visited several different shops just so the staff don't notice you are buying alcohol frequently?
[ Shame ]
Have you ever distorted the truth about how much you have drunk? Maybe little white lies about "a couple of glasses" when you know you have finished off a bottle? or described a “nightcap” that was really a poured generous measure?
[ Shame ]
Have you ever had a non-productive day (at work or leisure) and know the lack of productivity is due to your previous day or nights drinking and present hangover?
[ Shame ]
Have you ever thought briefly about how you could change your relationship with alcohol but when you think of detox or AA you say to yourself "I’m not that bad" or there is “no way I'm going through that”?
[ Shame ]
Have you ever looked at the empties and dreaded the re-cycling collection (what will the neighbours think?!) or have you "got rid of" your empties in another bin so yours looks acceptable?
[ Justification ]
Have you ever compared your alcohol consumption to friends and thought “well they drink as much as me” or “I’m not as bad as them” so you therefore tell yourself your drinking is ok?

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