Are You Tired Of The Same Old Drinking Routine?

If you have thought about changing your relationship with alcohol however you don’t want to do it on your own, or you are struggling to get started & stay focused, then The Sober Angel can help you through your journey so you can learn to love and live life alcohol-free. No-one is saying you must quit alcohol forever, but stepping away from it for a significant period will help you to create a space between you and the alcohol so that you can decide what’s right for you? I have no regrets, back in 2013 I felt I should quit but didn’t really want to, however I did, and I can now tell you it’s the best decision I have ever made.

Let Me Tell You. You Are In The Right Place.

Chances are you are reading this because you have either questioned your drinking or how you are feeling about it. Stepping away from it, completely, for a period will help you gain clarity and see the relationship that you and those around you have with alcohol with a clear view. Once you have gained this clarity and experienced sober living you are in a much better place to decide your future. The Sober Angel can help you along the way by guiding & keeping you accountable for your decisions. Remember you do not need a label on your drinking habits in order to make a change. It’s your life, so you can choose how you live it.


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QUIZ - Am I Drinking Too Much?

Do you really know how much you drink?

Hi I’m Joanne

I created the Sober Angel as a resource for women who are looking to change their relationship with alcohol. It’s my passion to inspire women not just to live life alcohol-free but to LOVE it too.

It’s your life and you can choose how you live it

Up until 2013 I was a drinker, a participant in the ‘social lubricant’ that is alcohol, and why not, it bought me fun and happiness! My life as a drinker was good, I had a great job and lots of friends, so to the outside world I was a ‘normal’ social drinker.

However, increasingly drinking for me had become far too regular and I had started to question if I was in control of it. By that I mean all of my weekends, social life and holidays centred around drinking and the thought of any event, and in fact any evening without a drink would frankly sound dull.

Joanne | The Sober Angel

2020 & Coronavirus 

This unprecedented time in our lives has inevitably bought uncertainty to many. No matter what your personal circumstances are, stress, fear, anxiety, disbelief and worry might be some of the feelings that you are experiencing right now. It’s important to remember that you are not alone, we are all going through this together and kind words and support are always there for those who reach out.

Every. Waking. Day. I am so grateful for my sobriety. I know that back in my drinking days I would have extended my evening drinking hours further into the day had I have been working from home.

So, this little message is to say reach out to me if it’s your drinking that has bought you here reading this. I’m offering a FREE 30-minute video call to anyone who is ready to make some changes.

Make 2020 memorable for YOU.

What brought you here?

Alcohol is all around us, ingrained in society as though it belongs. It’s the fabric of Parties, Social Functions, Birthdays, Births, Christenings, Holidays, Christmas & New Year Celebrations. It’s even present in funerals (erm what?!). In fact, anything that deserves a toast or celebration sees us cracking open a bottle …and why not? after all, we are taught to believe that alcohol is a normal happy addition to any worthy event. But what happens when the party is over, (or if it never even started) and the reality of your drinking has become regular and all-consuming.

The hangovers are deeper, the shame and regret are real and maybe….just maybe you have found yourself curiously googling “Am I drinking too much”?

Follow me you are in the right place ♥

✩ Are you drinking more than you used to?

This is a hard question to ask yourself. Be honest with the answer. Has drinking become such a habitual part of your life?

✩ Is your drinking giving you hangovers and head fog?

How is your life affected when you feel like this most days?

✩ Are you struggling to get a good nights sleep?

How much sleep are you really getting?

✩ Have you thought about cutting down your drinking but never seem to get started?

The hardest part is always getting started. That’s where The Sober Angel can help you.

✩ Do you want to feel better about yourself starting from now?

Why not start today?

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Why Stop Drinking?


✩You will banish shame & get back your self-respect.

✩ Your friends and family will be amazed, proud and inspired by your sobriety.

✩ You will save a decent amount of money that you can then spend on life-enriching things.

✩ You can achieve your desired weight goals so much easier.

✩ You will not be missing out on anything.

✩ You will have ‘sober revelations’ throughout your journey.

✩ Your life will change in so many ways for the better, including better sleep!


“We connected regularly, these sessions were invaluable in my journey to where I am today, I now live and LOVE my life without alcohol, I’m so glad I reached out for this support.”


“From the first day I contacted Joanne she reassured me that I could “sort this”. She gave me the confidence to believe in myself.”


Do You Want to Feel Fabulous Without Alcohol?